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All types of caps are produced by the advanced technological method of hot pressing on modern rotary lines. Engineering procedure is carried out on the equipment of world famous firm Sacmi Cooperativa Meccanici Imala (Italy). Thanks to it the cap has ideally smooth surface without colour sagging, the stable geometrical sizes and reliable opposition to a pressure of gas in a bottle. Production is produced in various colour gammas.

High quality of a cap is guaranteed by reliable quality control of the finished goods at all production phases. It is provided by the constant computer and video control at the work of technological lines. At the enterprise the laboratory equipped with the necessary facility which allows to carry out the control function of the quality of a cap on following parameters: incoming inspection of materials, weight control of a cap, geometrical sizes, print quality, control over effort to opening and cap closing, resistance control and counteractions to pressure of gas in a bottle and other cap parametres. These works are executed in laboratory by the control and measuring equipment and special devices.

The investment into modern engineering procedure and business cooperation allow to achieve the big success in production of a cap and satisfy any requests of the customer.

Uninterrupted promotion of the company is based on innovative technologies of the manufacture, warehousings, transportation and marketing.

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